Vancouver the hub of the painting industry

    History of Vancouver

    Vancouver is the most populated metropolitan city in the state of British Colombia, during the 1800s the boom of industry came thanks to the 3 major railway lines which connect the city with all of Canada and someplace of united states majorly Washington D.C. Vancouver started its industrial boom in the mobile auto industry, then came along the rest of the service and financial industries with it. When there is an opportunity, there will be people moving in the city, with people come more space for other business industries.

    Vancouver is a hub for all financial, health and automobile industry, people started to populate the city during the early 1950s. With more industry came more opportunity for people to open up their own businesses such as restaurants, cinemas, bars/pubs, painting shops, carpenter and a lot more. But majorly, the painting industry had the most expansion in the city of Vancouver. One of the top painting brand clover dale paint is the pioneers of the painting industry.

    Painting industry boom in Vancouver

    With the cold, wet rain during winters and warm temperature during the summer season, Vancouver has a diversified atmosphere. With this sort of season, special need and care for certain things were in demand, among them was the painting industry. With a lot of tourist and people moving in the city the appeal of the city is as important as other industries.

    With over more than 150 painting service providers in one city the competition is very high. During the 1980s the painting business started its boom, with more people building houses and business who needed a fresh and appealing coat of paint.

    Ever since then, with the advancement of technology came different types of based with more exceptional quality and results. During the start of the painting industry, there were no such paints which could protect your house from different weather, but now the paints are very advanced and can operate as a pesticide and weatherproofing.

    Even in the beginning, the paints that were produced had harmful chemicals in it which were used as additives to enhance the colour of the paint, but now with enhancement and enrichment of technology painting companies are producing paint with no chemicals.

    Even with new laws implemented by the Canadian health act, no company can use paints with certain chemicals in it even import and export of such paints are banned by the Canadian authorities. Companies using paints with chemicals which are against the law are being fined and punished by the authorities.