House Painters

    As House painters in East Vancouver, we make it a priority to treat your home as our own. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are comfortable in relying on us. Homes are extremely personal possessions and most people put in a lot of effort to make it cozy, vibrant and attractive. A lot of time, planning and investment go into creating the perfect abode.


    We take all of this into account before we promise an impeccable job. Our team of expert painters is fully trained to assess the damages and repairs needed to achieve a seamless painting space. We will clear out the house, do dustless sanding and prepare every surface before starting the painting work. To make sure that we are the best House painters in Vancouver that you can hire, put effort into research and training to make sure we are using safe and hazard-free methods of painting your home.


    Our painters are well versed in cleaning out windows, window frames, doors and even refinishing wood sliding doors and windows to achieve the highest standards of service. Out paints are eco-friendly and we use a green approach to keep your house and its residents safe from formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful volatile organic substances.

    Sooner or later these will impact the environment and your health. As professionals, we make it our duty to inform you regarding the paint choice you have and the formula you can choose to improve the air quality at your house.


    As House painters in East Vancouver, we have gained a reputation for being transparent and courteous towards our customers and we attribute this to the standard of professionalism our teams hold so high. We make it a point to address any concerns you may have and will give you professional advice if needed.


    We are well aware of the impact a fresh coat of paint has on the feel of any commercial or residential space. However, if the finish is off, stains difficult to remove, the texture streaky and the shade not the one you have picked, a new coat of paint can be more of an irritation than a fresh start.


    We at Brunner Paints make sure this isn’t the case. As one of the best House painters in Vancouver we make sure each stroke of the brush is done right, there are no heavy dribbles or visible layers of paint when the job is done.


    You can trust us to assist you through your decisions in choosing the right shade and finish for your walls. We take into account the lighting, the placement of the windows, the night lights you use and the type of décor you are going for before we show you samples and finishes.


    Also, we will leave the place looking impeccably clean including the windows, doors and any other fixtures in the house. We value your trust in our expertise and strive to deliver the best to our customers