Exterior House Painting

    To become a trusted name in the business, we have hired the best painters in East Vancouver. We specialize in commercial painting services as well as exterior house painting in Vancouver. When you hire our expert painters, you can be sure to get a consultation regarding your home. The work, of course, begins with an estimate, but after that has been agreed upon, it is a complete process before you will come home to a fully painted exterior.

    Our consultants will begin by visiting your commercial or residential property. This is a sort of diagnose and analyzing stage. When we deliver exterior home painting in Vancouver, we like to first assess the condition of the walls, the paint present on them, whether the walls are cracked, do they need waterproofing, is there mold, is there mildew- and similar questions before we start delivering

    Dealing with all these issues becomes crucial, especially with exteriors as they are more exposed to uncontrollable elements than interiors. Moreover, they are also not cleaned as often as interiors are and this does impact the paint and mildew stain accumulation greatly. Exterior walls are also higher and it may be difficult for you to reach the entire height of the structure to paint or to clean it.

    Our team of experts that deliver exterior commercial painting or residential exterior painting will move on to fixing any cracks, removing stains and waterproofing the walls before they begin with the painting. This is of course thoroughly discussed with our clients, as walls with water permeation and moisture retention cannot be painted to look sleek and smooth.

    Even if you are looking for a faux finish or texture, the erosion, staining and cracked spaces of the walls have to be cleaned and fixed before anything is applied. The age of the structure and condition is also taken into account when deciding the timeline for the completion of the project. Our team that will deliver exterior home painting in East Vancouver makes it a point to give you the real scenario and what to expect when getting exteriors painted.

    It is common knowledge that exteriors are prone to get affected by weather more drastically than interiors. This is why waterproofing, color proofing, and cleaning are a part of the services we offer.

    We will take on the responsibility of delivering impeccable finish on our painting services and to do so we follow a procedure that creates the perfect canvas for painting.

    Once the cracks and issues have been fixed, our expert painters delivering exterior house painting in Vancouver will apply the primer and then continue from there. We will plan the shades and finish with you before-hand to ensure that the paint is according to the theme of your commercial or residential property.

    Call us today to get an estimate and discuss the type of service you are looking for to get an idea of our exterior painting services. Our experts are just a call away