Commercial Painting

    We pride ourselves on being a Vancouver painting company that employs a sustainable approach to painting. We offer express painting services that deliver an impeccable painting job in a short period. However, we aim to put efforts in reducing carbon footprints and keeping our work as sustainable as possible. Depending on the size and scope of the work the materials we use and the techniques we employ are designed to make sure that the deadlines are met and done so efficiently.

    We use eco-friendly paints that are void of any volatile organic compounds that can release bromine or carbon into the earth’s atmosphere. As a Vancouver painting company, we want to contribute to keeping the air quality, wildlife and the environment protected here in Vancouver. We make it a point to use “green” paints as a substitute to any containing chlorofluorocarbons or ozone-depleting substances that can over-time expose the earth life to harmful radiations from the sun.

    Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients and if you choose to book an express service we make sure that we plan everything to the smallest detail to achieve that. Express services are usually meant for singular rooms, touch-ups and adding accents to a previous painting space. However, if you wish to book us as your Vancouver painting company to paint a larger space make sure to reach us and discuss the details with us.

    This is considered as a planning phase and we work with our clients to plan details such as the color scheme, the finish, the color proofing, and the texture and so on. once this is decided, we set a timeline for the job to be rendered. We then source eco-friendly paints that are sure to have no or reduced implications of carcinogens that are common to paints.

    The most common ones to look out for are ammonia, acetone, and formaldehyde. These not only impact the environment negatively they also affect the health of the people who come in contact with them. As a responsible Vancouver painting company, we try our best to keep our customers informed regarding our choices as a painting business.

    Today, there are several paints on the market that are certified green and give the same results as basic paint products. You can always book a demo with us to ensure that the paint applied at your property Is the one you have chosen. One of our experts can assist you during the entire choosing proses and making sure that the project you are hiring us for is covered under our express service.

    You can always call us beforehand to get an estimate and learn more about our eco-friendly painting techniques and products. We will commence with the work only if our clients give us the go-head and are satisfied with our green approach.

    As a Vancouver painting company, we are willing to educate our customers on the products we use and the benefits of going green.