Painting Experts in Vancouver

    When it comes to choosing a paint colour and the paint brand, a list of things come in mind before one can come to a decision, with all the brands out there and very less description of the paint quality it is very hard to judge which paint brands to go for. Even top brands such as Benjamin more and Dulux has very little difference among them, only the experts in painting service can tell the difference between these paint manufacturers. Few aspects need to be on fingertips such as, weather condition of the surrounding area where your residential and commercial property is situated, how much humid or dry is the weather around your area, how much rainfall is seen on average. To make your life and work easier, just book your appointment with the best painting contractors and service provider in the area of Vancouver. Brunner Paint is among the top painting service providers in Vancouver, there expert knowledge and years of painting service experience have proven to get your job done perfectly.

    Why Choose Us

    Among all the reason for choosing us as your painting service provider, the main reason is that we offer an extensive list of painting services at a very affordable price. And we use the best paint brands in Canada which are eco-friendly and certified by Canadian health act. Not only wide range of service and brand we use has given the repute we have, but it’s also all because of our highly skilled and certified painters and contractors, without there compassion and hard work we could not be where we are right now. Our act of professionalism towards work and the aim to keep our customer satisfied has given us so much popularity in the area of Vancouver for the best interior and exterior painting. So don’t wait for the winter season to come, get your house repainted or newly painted by our experts during the season of Summer/Fall. We take great pride in serving our customers, and the only job we know how to do is the right way.

    When you Book An Appointment With Us

    When you call us at our helpline, it will be answered by our professional and friendly customer support. Who will enquire about your query and will forward it to our contractor. After the confirmation of the appointment, we will send our painting contractor to the desired commercial or residential property. A thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of the property will be done to give an accurate and approximate estimation. Upon confirming the order and the coat of paint, we will choose the best day for the exterior or interior painting of your commercial or residential property. The best part of this whole process is we offer a free estimation and quotation for our customers whether they are existing or new members.