Best time to Call for Brunner Painting services

    During Summer season, all the exterior and interior painting service providers are busy in Canada, all the house owners and business owners choose this season to get the exterior and interior painted for their commercial and residential property. The biggest reason for doing it during the Summer/Fall season is that because weather during this season is harsh and cold; temperature can reach minus 18 to 20 degree Celsius at night. Extreme cold weather from a painting point of view is not right, as the paint cannot get proper light and temperature to dry off which will result in damp paint or extreme cases the owners might need to wait till next summer.

    At Burners Paint, painting service we offer is cheap and affordable for our clients. We are considered to be one of the best painting service providers in the area of Vancouver. With our professional and trained painters and contractors, we can get your painting done in no time, at least faster than other painting service providers out there. We give a guarantee with our work, and if in case our customer is not satisfied, we will re-paint for free.


    When you book our services for exterior and interior paint at Burners Paint, our team of painter and contractors will visit your property for a free consultation and free estimation. After confirmation for the project, we will book the best day with the best weather for putting a fresh coat of paint onto the exterior and interior of your property. Our painting contractors are fully equipped with knowledge, tools and expertise to resolve all your painting problems.

    How We Perform Our Duty

    • The first step is preparing and selecting the desired coat of paint, after discussing and consulting with our customer, we can decide which colour to be used for the interior and exterior.
    • The second step is removing all the excessive and damaged part of the exterior or interior paint. The method used to get rid of excessive paint is done by sandblasting, which is either done manually or with the help of tools. It all depends on the nature of the job.
    • The third step is removing the excessive chip, flakes and dust, which is eventually collected and is disposed of correctly as stated by guidelines of the municipal office.
    • The fourth step is preparing the desired paint that was chosen by our client and preparing the primer to fill in the gaps or any sort of crack on the wall, nails, etc. making the exterior or interior look levelled and uniform.
    • Fifth and last step is cleaning up all the mess left behind making the place look like good as new

    Brand We Use

    At Brunner Paint, the product used for our painting services is very high end and eco-friendly. With 14 years of experience and customers satisfaction, it shows how good we are at our job.

    Area We serve

    Currently, we are providing our services In the area of Vancouver. With positive feedback and results form our customers we are planning an expansion of our business in other parts of the states